House of God

Be still and know that god is within. You are god and god is you. It isn’t wrong to view yourself as god. “Lean not to your own understanding” because it’s better to be controlled when you have no clue who you are or what you are capable of. It’s easy to control how much one can manifest in this reality and within the self by convincing them that believing themselves to be gods is egotistical and punishable by the “real” mighty angry god in the sky.

What god do you know is hateful enough to punish you for recognizing it’s very presence within ones self? The body is a temple. The woman’s body in particular is one of the most worshipped creations in history. The woman can produce life, she literally houses a portal from the spiritual world to the physical world.

God is source energy that exists in many forms and is in every living thing. It is love, it is unity, it is abundant.

God is you. God is the sky, the sun and the universe. Open up to it and watch your world change for the better.


Being Present is the Key to Manifesting : ways to set intentions

“To be present is to live in the moment, for nothing exists but right now anyways.” -unknown

Manifesting what we want isn’t difficult as long as your are living in the present moment. Speak things into existence as if they are already happening, but be realistic. For instance if you are working a regular nine to five, but you want to travel, speak it into existence as if it is happening now. The key is not only being intentional, but this is how we hold ourselves accountable for our dreams. You make them come true by setting the intention and then taking baby steps towards that dream.

What is being realistic? Saving for your travels is one, and getting your passport if you don’t have it already. What wouldn’t do is make decisions off of pure euphoria, you need a practical plan. You wouldn’t go buying a ticket to go to the other side of the world with just enough money for the plane ticket. How will you live when you get there? How will you be able to eat? Will your bills be taken care of? Unless you plan on soul scouring and backpacking in a jungle somewhere, you don’t rush things and land yourself in an unfortunate situation. THAT is not how manifesting works. It takes intention and then a little work and the universe will work out the rest. Even if what you want is not in alignment with your higher purpose it may act as a lesson for you that will help you along your path until its time to move on to what is instore for you, or it simply will not work out because it just isn’t meant. Either way pay attention to the signs, and you do so by being present.

Ways to add intensity to your manifestations

  • Imagery- imagine where it is or what it is you want.
  • Writing It down- ” I am attracting…” and what ever is you want. or ” I am” whatever you are manifesting to be.
  • Fire- setting your intentions aflame and releasing them to the universe
  • Planting method- plant your intentions written on paper
  • new moon/ full moon energy- set the intentions during the new or full moon, you can also use any of the methods mentioned above. ( this is a very powerful way to set intentions)
  • solar charged- setting intention out in the sun and the and the above methods can be paired as well. If you’d like to use both solar charged and moon energy you would write then in the sun and at night complete the ritual under the energy of the moon using any of the above methods.

These are methods I’ve come across in my personal practice, by all means do what you feel called to do. Blessed Be!

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto Retrograde | How to Prepare & Work With These Energies

As we all know! Those of us who follow cosmic events! April is quite an eventful month for us. Jupiter is now retrograde as if 8pm and in 17 days Saturn will also be going indirect 5 days before that Pluto will go indirect. I see comments talking about how not to worry about it because planets on the outskirts don’t have much effect, this is totally incorrect! They have major effect! The energy may not feel as potent as mercury retrograde but there is a reason for that! Mercury is ruler of communication and the mind and also changes course of direction faster because of where it sits in our solar system so the effects happen more rapidly and because of that you feel it more. However with Jupiter Saturn and Pluto being further away they move a bit slower rather it’s transiting through zodiacs or traveling direct or indirect. If you ask any true astrologer they will tell you that the energies of these planets are in deed very influential!

They influence the process of expansion (Jupiter) will power, discipline and breaking or building barriers (Saturn) transformation, chaos and destruction (Pluto). These are life experiences that do not happen or take course over just a matter of days, the effects of these planets come as a process, a series of events that lead up to the bigger picture. What is the the bigger picture? Personal growth and spiritual and mental expansion which allows you to step into your higher self and walk in your divine purpose, and if you are this a process that is helping you carry out that purpose.

How does one prepare?

Well in my reading that you can see above, I received many messages from my spirit guides. First things first we must cleanse! Some of us are very foggy and that is why we are having a hard time receiving whatever insight we are looking for in regards to this. We must cleanse spiritually and physically. One of the messages that came thru regarding cleansing was to tune in to natural medicine. Believe it or not what you eat can either help or hinder your connection to your higher self and spirit guides. Another message was to be aware of your environment, so being conscious of the energy you inviting into your spirt and around your spirit as well. As far as preparation this is big! Cleanse and balance yourself, sit at your alter and ask for clarity. Call in the energy of Pluto to help you step into your higher self. Call in the energy of Saturn to help you find discipline for whatever area of your life you seeking it for. Call in the energy of Jupiter and ask for expansion of luck, optimism success and generosity. Work with these energies versus working against them, you do not know what they have to offer you. Many of us get all frantic when we hear the word “retrograde” but that just means that it’s time to pause, take a few steps back, step outside of yourself and look at these particular aspects of your self and life and what’s happening around you. The purpose is growth. Welcome it no matter how uncomfortable the events that unfold along the way may feel, but understand you aren’t experiencing growth and expansion if you aren’t feeling a bit of discomfort.

A mantra I have been chanting for the past two months is “I accept change in all forms”. These planets invite expansion, challenge, transformation and death of situations and perspectives that are no longer serving us. Trust the process and trust your intuition, trust the universe and your spirit guides. Walk in your purpose without doubt or fear and trust the process!

Until next time peace love light!

New Moon In Pisces & Mercury Retrograde Card Reading

New Moon In Pisces & Mercury In Retrograde And Also In the sign of Pisces!! YIKES

The new moon of course marks the beginning of new things! HOWEVER before moving forward take a moment to look within! With the Mercury being retrograde and also In Pisces I thought this was a very important message to deliver to your guys! A new start is on the rise for you right now however you will block your blessing if you continue to be worried about the wrong things! The moon card in the tarot deck talks about fear and illusion! And the Void of course Moon card from the moonology deck suggests that nothing will become of this possible new start if you are still holding on to outdated beliefs and fear. Release anything that is no longer benefiting you!

Mercury Retrogrades energy is all about taking a pause going back to revisit old feelings or situations or relationships. Here you have the opportunity for healing and tying up any loose ends! Do not fear the chaos that may be becoming of a particular area of your life this necessary and is meant to happen! Without facing what you haven’t dealt with you will indeed block the blessings that are headed your way! Heed the universes call! Open up to the cosmos and or your spirit guides and ask for guidance ask to be cleansed of negative energies, release what is not benefiting you! Your blessings awaits!

EYE|The Awakening my first published work!!

“EYE” is more than just a book of poems and not just my personal journey but a story about losing ones self, finding ones self and in the midst of the chaos finding the light within and seeing the world through a new lens shedding ones self of egotistical thoughts and behaviors and stepping into their higher version of themselves. It’s about being in tune with spirit and learning the the true essence of our being.

RELEASE DATE: MARCH 14th Pre Order Now!

The End May Be Closer Than We Think | My Astrological Theory

I think that I may have made a discovery or uncovered a possible theory!

I was thinking about the full circle of astrology and the fact that we are coming to the end of the age of Pisces.

What if the life span of earth was determined by the cycle of astrological signs. We see the number 12 in everything biblically especially, the 12 disciples that can be referenced to the 12 astrological signs and Jesus being the son(Sun) of god. God source is the Sun. Sun gives life without the sun at all life could not exist on earth in the form that it does now. With the age of Pisces (age of religion) coming to an end and going into Aquarius things are very unbalanced and out of tune. Technology is at its peak and continuously evolving. Distractions are at a very high point and growing. People are waking up/ having spiritual awakenings and self discovery all over the world. Why is that? What are the cosmos and the universe preparing us for?

What Could Be Hidden

Let’s go back a bit. So there are 12 astrological signs. The earth goes through each sign counter clock wise so instead of going into Aires after leaving Pisces we are moving into the age of Aquarius. Each age is approximately 2,100 years long. The time it would take the earth to pass through all 12 signs would be 25,200 years. Giving us 4,281 years to have gotten through the full astrological circle. With that being said that gives us 81 years until we enter the age of Aquarius and as I said before technology is at its peak and distractions are heightened. But why? And why do I make this connotation? Well because our so called leaders are in control of what we see and read. They are in control of the information that is released to the public. Like our history books and religious material. So many leaders and people with powerful platforms have already acknowledged the fact that our history books and religious material have been tainted and are not factual through and through or have been watered down and important information have been removed. In all reality everything we learn in school is apart of a curriculum of things our leaders want us to know. What if what we know to be an earth that has lasted billions of years in fact may not have been around that long in the first place. We all know even earth has an expiration date as all planets and stars do. Like our sun will supposedly burn out in a few million years. But how do we know that? Even information from NASA (as it is it’s own entity) is controlled information and for all we know could be completely false.

What if there was a much more interesting reason ancients obsessed over astrology and used it as there measuring tool for so many things? What if they were able to measure not only time of day, months and years but the expansion of life on earth. Is it possible that once the cycle through the ages have completed the earth will have lived out its life?

We keep hearing that “we are in the end days”. What are the end days exactly? And how do we know that? It is written in biblical references that you won’t be able to tell the seasons from each other. It even talks about how god will destroy the earth for the last time and won’t bring it back and this time it shall be by fire. Well what if In 4,281 years this exact biblical reference will live out that prophecy? God source (Sun) our life force may have much less than a few million years. To a human four thousand years may as well be the equivalent of that long considering our short life span. We would have to live 1000 times plus more to see that many years pass by.

This also strikes the question, how much of our history could actually be true? The only thing we can believe is what was physically left behind by our ancestors. For instance the clay tablets of Mesopotamia. Or the tombs in Egypt, the pyramids, Aztec and Native American artifacts. These are the tangible things that we have to prove what did exist durning a time no one living after they were created were alive to see.

So with that being said if we only started recording history a little of over 2000 years ago in the English language anyways, and I may be off of the correct timing but the point is things like the Sumerian Texts are maybe 5000 years old if not older we didn’t start decoding and translating them until maybe 1700-2000 years ago. Since then the Bible was created and the very things in the Bible are born from elder cultures such as Sumerians. perhaps the Bible is the first English translation of the messages written in sumerian text. It’s already been implied by anthropologists that a lot of the events written in the Bible can be sourced back to Sumerian texts. What may have happened over time is the wrong persons got a hold of this information and created a twisted perception of the books true meaning and purpose. Also figured adding things like hell and satan (horned god of earth, stolen from pagans (worshippers of earth and the elements) to scare people into converting from their natural belief systems to Christianity. Which end up establishing control over the people that has yet to be broken. That’s another story for another time but it plays a part in the slumber that people all over the world are still in. (Distractions at an all time high, people out of tune with self and true divinity.)

A lot of the things in the Bible aren’t meant to be taken literally but are symbolic and have deeper meanings and hide messages that may have come from higher beings that existed before us. Messages that very well may embody the beginning and end of human life and earth itself.

PS: This is just a theory but I hope it got your brain juices flowing! Love you all. Peace Light and Love! Feel free to spark conversation over the topic.

Physical and Mental Health Reflects How We Are Taking Care of Our Selves Spiritually

How does our spiritual health effect our bodies and mind?

Our mental and physical health is a reflection of how we care for our spiritual body. In order to maintain a healthy psyche and body, spiritual cleansing as often as possible is very important. Even though the maintenance of each one counteracts each other, its best to keep a balance between the three. It is safe to say that staying fit spiritually will aid in healthy mental state and physical state.

Spiritual Cleansing Makes for Great Mental Cleanse

Meditating is a great way to keep a clear mind and release impurities from the spirit. Although it may not be easy to grasp at first, the shortest of practices will make every bit of difference the more you practice. When I first started meditating it was hard to not think about at least one thing. However I was determined to master it, so I began timing myself. I would meditate every night for 5 minutes and followed the tips of you tubers that insisted, “focusing on your breath” would give anyone practicing something important to focus on and help clear the mind. This is the same method used in meditative yoga. Meditating is a positive habit to pick up in place of other unhealthy habits. It is also the best treatment for those who struggle with depression, anxiety, and other mental barriers.

Exercise: Meditative Yoga is The Best Exercise!

While being spiritually fit is important, you can’t exercise one portion of the body with out exercising another. As I mentioned before balance between the mind, body and, spirit is key to great health. I would say any 30 minute to an hour spent working out is great; but no work out is like yoga. Yoga not only shapes, sculpts and strengthens the body, but also has the same benefits mentally and spiritually. Yoga teaches many lessons through it’s poses that are spiritually enhancing and not only matures but expands the mind and cleanses the soul. Yoga teaches patience and acceptance of the things from within and around us. The poses are not about how well you can do them but accepting where you are as you begin, accepting your imperfections and giving yourself a little push every time you practice. It teaches love of self through the lessons of patience and acceptance which provides a spiritual and mental balance that is maintained more and more throughout consistent practice. What I love about the practice is that it humbles you, there is no room for judgment here or negativity. It is a place of serenity and clean positive vibes. It is one of the most humble and gentle ways to release the negative and obtain the positive!

My Testimony

Two years ago around this time I had fallen to my knees crying. Wondering why life was so dark for me. I had experienced a breakup 7 months prior, and I was depressed and down about where life was taking me. I was damaged emotionally and mentally and my spirit suffered gravely from it. I begin searching for ways to clear my conscience and lift my spirit back to the beauty at had once been had before my first heartbreak. I found that meditation and yoga were two things I had always wanted to master, so I did some research and began practicing.For me it was the start of my spiritual journey, I was learning something new about myself everyday and then suddenly i could feel a shift in my myself. I felt a love for myself for the first time that i had not felt before.My heart was humbled and attitude about the world was changing. My attitude about myself had changed, I felt beautiful inside and out and from that moment on i knew that this was something I needed to share with the world.

Be Present & Manifest

Sometimes we look back because we long for what we used to be before life’s curve balls and tragedies but, without them you wouldn’t have obtained the pearls of wisdom you have now. And although your life seemed to gleam and sparkle better than the life you are living now, there’s a reason for it. It will soon explode with light and everything that was will return in ten fold and every bit of pain up until this point has not gone unnoticed. Every ounce of strength you’ve managed to muster up to keep pushing will catapult you into a life of abundance you never thought you’d have. So be patient and stop turning around to look at what was. Stop speculating about what is to come and just be present and live in your purpose. It is okay to reflect but let that reflection be an inspiration to be more than the past. Evolve and manifest ✨

And She Speaks

she speaks a universal language

compassion, hope, creativity.

she speaks the language of love.

in her beauty. In the way that she walks.

She is god.

vibe so strong even the ground she walks on

urges to be closer.

she is a rose in which grew from the hardest of soils.

Nourished by the darkest of waters.

She is stability, she is strength in its purest form.

she is god.

The Lost City

And they sang a song
To fill the voids where pain consumed them
They fell in unison
Unstricken by fear
But let their souls be humbled
And they sang a song
With the perfect tune
Lungs full with the waves of the blue
Exploding in their chests
They still sang
The song of sorrow
Bitter sweet longing for tomorrow
A day they’d never see again
Fallen peacefully unbroken but on broken land
They sang their last breath
As their world around them gave in
The ground crumbling beneath them
Still singing linked hand and hand
Angelic voices unmoved
As everything they knew disappeared
And they sang
They sang of peace for the future
And love into the wind
That would circulate for centuries
And they sang as they ascended into consciousness
They sang proud and unapologetically
They sang to the enemy
In which that had landed them here
Now Fading away
Not permanently but into heaven
They sang and belted out the souls of
starseeds and indigos
And they sat in the stars amongst the universe
Patiently waiting
And they sang
To never forget peace
They sang for the healing of you and me
Centuries before we ever existed
And they sang a song
No they are not lost
But exactly where they belong
In the deep dimensions of space
Where time doesn’t exist
They just BE
And whispers of their inner peace resonate within me
And So I speak their existence into reality
And give birth to their peaceful truth
And They sing thru me
Life to the lost city

Poem By: Tiffany (Melanin Gypsy) Parker