EGO DEATH: Spiritual Awakening #3

I’ve spoken of my spiritual awakening before. Where I came to the realization that the devine source is whatever we want it to be because it is infinite it is everything. It is the now the past and the future. It is existence, however my second awakening was realizing we are the devine source as well. We are more than these bodies we are the soul housed in a body.

Now I am experiencing something else. Loss of self, but it is a natural ego death. I am not taking any psychedelic to achieve it although it would be amazing to experience that but it’s happening on its own. In forms of knowledge that I consistently come across, in dreams, downloads from my spiritual guides. Downloads being like messages that come to my spirit from the devine. I visualize this big blob of something floating in blackness. Out of this blackness is this glowing thing like floating mass of jelly and in that jelly is everything that ever was and is just existing. I don’t really know what to make of it. Sometimes I think its an over load of things I’ve watched on YouTube all clashing together as a bunch of ideas that are now manifesting in my head. Yet something is resting on my spirit confirming what I see to be some form of truth. With this experience im losing the ego I once carried during the wake of my consciousness. I remember thinking I knew more than everyone else. I remember feeling like I was special and saw things in ways others didn’t. I remember feeling pity for anyone who is religious. Now I find myself looking at a mirror asking myself who am I to judge others? We all apart of the water fall that is life. We all are individual streams pouring into one big body of water. We are all looking into one microscope and our visuals are all different. Our perspectives and personal experiences are all different. The source providing these experiences is not.

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