The End May Be Closer Than We Think | My Astrological Theory

I think that I may have made a discovery or uncovered a possible theory!

I was thinking about the full circle of astrology and the fact that we are coming to the end of the age of Pisces.

What if the life span of earth was determined by the cycle of astrological signs. We see the number 12 in everything biblically especially, the 12 disciples that can be referenced to the 12 astrological signs and Jesus being the son(Sun) of god. God source is the Sun. Sun gives life without the sun at all life could not exist on earth in the form that it does now. With the age of Pisces (age of religion) coming to an end and going into Aquarius things are very unbalanced and out of tune. Technology is at its peak and continuously evolving. Distractions are at a very high point and growing. People are waking up/ having spiritual awakenings and self discovery all over the world. Why is that? What are the cosmos and the universe preparing us for?

What Could Be Hidden

Let’s go back a bit. So there are 12 astrological signs. The earth goes through each sign counter clock wise so instead of going into Aires after leaving Pisces we are moving into the age of Aquarius. Each age is approximately 2,100 years long. The time it would take the earth to pass through all 12 signs would be 25,200 years. Giving us 4,281 years to have gotten through the full astrological circle. With that being said that gives us 81 years until we enter the age of Aquarius and as I said before technology is at its peak and distractions are heightened. But why? And why do I make this connotation? Well because our so called leaders are in control of what we see and read. They are in control of the information that is released to the public. Like our history books and religious material. So many leaders and people with powerful platforms have already acknowledged the fact that our history books and religious material have been tainted and are not factual through and through or have been watered down and important information have been removed. In all reality everything we learn in school is apart of a curriculum of things our leaders want us to know. What if what we know to be an earth that has lasted billions of years in fact may not have been around that long in the first place. We all know even earth has an expiration date as all planets and stars do. Like our sun will supposedly burn out in a few million years. But how do we know that? Even information from NASA (as it is it’s own entity) is controlled information and for all we know could be completely false.

What if there was a much more interesting reason ancients obsessed over astrology and used it as there measuring tool for so many things? What if they were able to measure not only time of day, months and years but the expansion of life on earth. Is it possible that once the cycle through the ages have completed the earth will have lived out its life?

We keep hearing that “we are in the end days”. What are the end days exactly? And how do we know that? It is written in biblical references that you won’t be able to tell the seasons from each other. It even talks about how god will destroy the earth for the last time and won’t bring it back and this time it shall be by fire. Well what if In 4,281 years this exact biblical reference will live out that prophecy? God source (Sun) our life force may have much less than a few million years. To a human four thousand years may as well be the equivalent of that long considering our short life span. We would have to live 1000 times plus more to see that many years pass by.

This also strikes the question, how much of our history could actually be true? The only thing we can believe is what was physically left behind by our ancestors. For instance the clay tablets of Mesopotamia. Or the tombs in Egypt, the pyramids, Aztec and Native American artifacts. These are the tangible things that we have to prove what did exist durning a time no one living after they were created were alive to see.

So with that being said if we only started recording history a little of over 2000 years ago in the English language anyways, and I may be off of the correct timing but the point is things like the Sumerian Texts are maybe 5000 years old if not older we didn’t start decoding and translating them until maybe 1700-2000 years ago. Since then the Bible was created and the very things in the Bible are born from elder cultures such as Sumerians. perhaps the Bible is the first English translation of the messages written in sumerian text. It’s already been implied by anthropologists that a lot of the events written in the Bible can be sourced back to Sumerian texts. What may have happened over time is the wrong persons got a hold of this information and created a twisted perception of the books true meaning and purpose. Also figured adding things like hell and satan (horned god of earth, stolen from pagans (worshippers of earth and the elements) to scare people into converting from their natural belief systems to Christianity. Which end up establishing control over the people that has yet to be broken. That’s another story for another time but it plays a part in the slumber that people all over the world are still in. (Distractions at an all time high, people out of tune with self and true divinity.)

A lot of the things in the Bible aren’t meant to be taken literally but are symbolic and have deeper meanings and hide messages that may have come from higher beings that existed before us. Messages that very well may embody the beginning and end of human life and earth itself.

PS: This is just a theory but I hope it got your brain juices flowing! Love you all. Peace Light and Love! Feel free to spark conversation over the topic.

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