New Moon In Pisces & Mercury Retrograde Card Reading

New Moon In Pisces & Mercury In Retrograde And Also In the sign of Pisces!! YIKES

The new moon of course marks the beginning of new things! HOWEVER before moving forward take a moment to look within! With the Mercury being retrograde and also In Pisces I thought this was a very important message to deliver to your guys! A new start is on the rise for you right now however you will block your blessing if you continue to be worried about the wrong things! The moon card in the tarot deck talks about fear and illusion! And the Void of course Moon card from the moonology deck suggests that nothing will become of this possible new start if you are still holding on to outdated beliefs and fear. Release anything that is no longer benefiting you!

Mercury Retrogrades energy is all about taking a pause going back to revisit old feelings or situations or relationships. Here you have the opportunity for healing and tying up any loose ends! Do not fear the chaos that may be becoming of a particular area of your life this necessary and is meant to happen! Without facing what you haven’t dealt with you will indeed block the blessings that are headed your way! Heed the universes call! Open up to the cosmos and or your spirit guides and ask for guidance ask to be cleansed of negative energies, release what is not benefiting you! Your blessings awaits!

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