What does the natal chart mean in Astrology?

The natal chart is very vital to astrologers when determining ones individual path and personality. If you take a moment to look at the placement or alignment of the planets during the time of ones birth using the exact date and time you can see what signs the planets were transiting through at the time. These placements are significant seeing as how each planet denotes energy that plays a huge part in our personality, outward influence, behaviors, temperaments, spirituality and ways of thinking.

For Example : I am a cancer.

How do I know? The sun on July 14, 1993 8:33 am the Sun sat in the sign of Cancer.

Each planet transits through all 12 signs just as the earth does.

Sun (Individuality & Vitality) was in Cancer (cancer is a water sign and it’s ruling planet is the Moon which rules emotions, water is also feminine and symbolizes emotions) Hence the reason why everyone says cancer are super emotional creatures.

Moon (emotions & instinct) was transiting Taurus (earth sign which is feminine very nurturing loving and passionate. Taurus ruling planet is Venus which rules love pleasure and beauty.) I am naturally very nurturing and passionate person. With Taurus also being an earth sign mirrors my intuition which is very deeply rooted in the earths energy often I can focus and draw information for its vibrations.

Mercury (mind & communication) was transiting Cancer which explains my minds influence over my emotions and vise versa.

Venus (Love, pleasure and Beauty) was transiting Gemini ( Air sign, masculine ruled by Mercury planet of mind and communication.) Those who know me know I am very much so attracted to ones mind and intense conversation. I’m moved by words, knowledge and wisdom.

Mars (Energy & Assertiveness) was transiting Virgo, (Feminine and earth sign Virgo is ruled by Mercury which rules the mind and communication ) Virgo is always thinking and has no problem saying how they feel and I for sure take on this way of dealing with myself and others. Being honest about my feelings allows me to not overthink more than I already do. Virgo is also full of energy fun and like to go fast sometimes. I sometimes have to remind myself to slow down and be in the moment.

Jupiter (Luck & Expansion) was transiting through Libra, air sign, masculine and ruled by Venus ( love, pleasure and beauty) I guess I can say I’ve never had a problem with attracting love affairs however they haven’t all been the best but ironically they’ve all played a part in my emotional, mental and Spiritual growth. Love is my fertilizer for sure.

Saturn (discipline & limitations) was transiting Aquarius, air sign and masculine ruled by Uranus which governs change and originality. I would say when it comes to discipline it’s difficult and definitely something I have to make routine in order to really make it stick. I am always looking for new ways to elevate to the next level so I don’t know too many limitations when it comes to living life and experiencing it full on during the good bad and the ugly. Over time I believe that life will have helped create a sense of discipline.

Uranus (change & orginality) Was transiting Capricorn, feminine and an earth sign ruled by Saturn. Wow can’t make this up!Haha. Gotta love astrology. The alignment of Saturn during this time speaks to this as well, change takes place for me often always grounded and feeling earths vibrations and going with the flow of life both energetically and materially. My sense of independently thinking comes from my deeply rooted intuition in earths vibrational energy.

Neptune (spirituality & illusion) was transiting Capricorn, feminine earth sign ruled by Saturn. I would say if there were an area of my life that I was the most disciplined in it would be my spirituality. I am dedicated to elevating to my highest self and keeping a connection to the the cosmos, my spirit guides and the souls of the ancestors all through my connection to the earths vibrations. Once upon a time my disconnection from my surroundings were what kept me away from the rawness of my spiritual being. Every blue moon I get swept up in the material world as I enjoy life and love to be adventurous and have a bit of a wild side I have to remind myself to take a moment to breathe and reconnect to Mother Earth and mother consciousness.

Pluto (transformation) Transited Scorpio, water sign, feminine energy and ruled by Pluto. With Pluto being in the direct alignment of the sign its energy rules the manifestation of transformation for me. I can honestly say that I have learned over time to be water and go with the flow. Water is feminine and can be subtle or it can be a force to be reckoned with and also destroying everything in its path but when water has cleared out its Almost like it came in and wiped all that was old and probably needed to be removed anyway. This allows me to step further and further into the highest version of me each day I am finding myself walking in my purpose.

Last but not least : Ascendant or Rising sign

This sign denotes your outward influence or how others view you. Your putter personality. This is the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon during the time of your birth. It also characterizes the way you deal with others and distinctive style of interacting with people.

My Rising was in Leo, which is a masculine sign element fire which is ruled by the Sun which governs individuality and vitality. Leo is bright a people person and has anyway of standing out in a crowd by their way of style, speaking and or laughing which draws people to them. Over flowing energy and enthusiasm. I am pretty confident person and love to smile and make others smile. I love to spread positive vibes and have a good time. I could see how my putter personality would reflect that of a Leo.

☀️ cancer 🌚 Taurus 💫 Leo


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