Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto Retrograde | How to Prepare & Work With These Energies

As we all know! Those of us who follow cosmic events! April is quite an eventful month for us. Jupiter is now retrograde as if 8pm and in 17 days Saturn will also be going indirect 5 days before that Pluto will go indirect. I see comments talking about how not to worry about it because planets on the outskirts don’t have much effect, this is totally incorrect! They have major effect! The energy may not feel as potent as mercury retrograde but there is a reason for that! Mercury is ruler of communication and the mind and also changes course of direction faster because of where it sits in our solar system so the effects happen more rapidly and because of that you feel it more. However with Jupiter Saturn and Pluto being further away they move a bit slower rather it’s transiting through zodiacs or traveling direct or indirect. If you ask any true astrologer they will tell you that the energies of these planets are in deed very influential!

They influence the process of expansion (Jupiter) will power, discipline and breaking or building barriers (Saturn) transformation, chaos and destruction (Pluto). These are life experiences that do not happen or take course over just a matter of days, the effects of these planets come as a process, a series of events that lead up to the bigger picture. What is the the bigger picture? Personal growth and spiritual and mental expansion which allows you to step into your higher self and walk in your divine purpose, and if you are this a process that is helping you carry out that purpose.

How does one prepare?

Well in my reading that you can see above, I received many messages from my spirit guides. First things first we must cleanse! Some of us are very foggy and that is why we are having a hard time receiving whatever insight we are looking for in regards to this. We must cleanse spiritually and physically. One of the messages that came thru regarding cleansing was to tune in to natural medicine. Believe it or not what you eat can either help or hinder your connection to your higher self and spirit guides. Another message was to be aware of your environment, so being conscious of the energy you inviting into your spirt and around your spirit as well. As far as preparation this is big! Cleanse and balance yourself, sit at your alter and ask for clarity. Call in the energy of Pluto to help you step into your higher self. Call in the energy of Saturn to help you find discipline for whatever area of your life you seeking it for. Call in the energy of Jupiter and ask for expansion of luck, optimism success and generosity. Work with these energies versus working against them, you do not know what they have to offer you. Many of us get all frantic when we hear the word “retrograde” but that just means that it’s time to pause, take a few steps back, step outside of yourself and look at these particular aspects of your self and life and what’s happening around you. The purpose is growth. Welcome it no matter how uncomfortable the events that unfold along the way may feel, but understand you aren’t experiencing growth and expansion if you aren’t feeling a bit of discomfort.

A mantra I have been chanting for the past two months is “I accept change in all forms”. These planets invite expansion, challenge, transformation and death of situations and perspectives that are no longer serving us. Trust the process and trust your intuition, trust the universe and your spirit guides. Walk in your purpose without doubt or fear and trust the process!

Until next time peace love light!

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