Being Present is the Key to Manifesting : ways to set intentions

“To be present is to live in the moment, for nothing exists but right now anyways.” -unknown

Manifesting what we want isn’t difficult as long as your are living in the present moment. Speak things into existence as if they are already happening, but be realistic. For instance if you are working a regular nine to five, but you want to travel, speak it into existence as if it is happening now. The key is not only being intentional, but this is how we hold ourselves accountable for our dreams. You make them come true by setting the intention and then taking baby steps towards that dream.

What is being realistic? Saving for your travels is one, and getting your passport if you don’t have it already. What wouldn’t do is make decisions off of pure euphoria, you need a practical plan. You wouldn’t go buying a ticket to go to the other side of the world with just enough money for the plane ticket. How will you live when you get there? How will you be able to eat? Will your bills be taken care of? Unless you plan on soul scouring and backpacking in a jungle somewhere, you don’t rush things and land yourself in an unfortunate situation. THAT is not how manifesting works. It takes intention and then a little work and the universe will work out the rest. Even if what you want is not in alignment with your higher purpose it may act as a lesson for you that will help you along your path until its time to move on to what is instore for you, or it simply will not work out because it just isn’t meant. Either way pay attention to the signs, and you do so by being present.

Ways to add intensity to your manifestations

  • Imagery- imagine where it is or what it is you want.
  • Writing It down- ” I am attracting…” and what ever is you want. or ” I am” whatever you are manifesting to be.
  • Fire- setting your intentions aflame and releasing them to the universe
  • Planting method- plant your intentions written on paper
  • new moon/ full moon energy- set the intentions during the new or full moon, you can also use any of the methods mentioned above. ( this is a very powerful way to set intentions)
  • solar charged- setting intention out in the sun and the and the above methods can be paired as well. If you’d like to use both solar charged and moon energy you would write then in the sun and at night complete the ritual under the energy of the moon using any of the above methods.

These are methods I’ve come across in my personal practice, by all means do what you feel called to do. Blessed Be!

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