House of God

Be still and know that god is within. You are god and god is you. It isn’t wrong to view yourself as god. “Lean not to your own understanding” because it’s better to be controlled when you have no clue who you are or what you are capable of. It’s easy to control how much one can manifest in this reality and within the self by convincing them that believing themselves to be gods is egotistical and punishable by the “real” mighty angry god in the sky.

What god do you know is hateful enough to punish you for recognizing it’s very presence within ones self? The body is a temple. The woman’s body in particular is one of the most worshipped creations in history. The woman can produce life, she literally houses a portal from the spiritual world to the physical world.

God is source energy that exists in many forms and is in every living thing. It is love, it is unity, it is abundant.

God is you. God is the sky, the sun and the universe. Open up to it and watch your world change for the better.


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