A Daily Affirmation: Speak Positivity Into Yourself and Into Your Life

Sometimes as humans we are incredibly hard on ourselves. It is totally understandable because I too, am the same way. I believe we get caught up in what the perfect person or the perfect life may be like and we forget that no one is perfect and that we are all on individual paths. We all have lessons to learn and a purpose to unveil individually.

One thing that I have learned on my spiritual journey is that practicing positive thinking habits is everything. It lifts the spirit while putting your mind in a positive place. Having a daily affirmation gives you the opportunity to profess things you want to happen into your life; as well as the kind of energy you want to attract. I say a daily affirmation, it is something like a prayer “I am thankful for everything that you’ve done, everything that you haven’t and everything that you will do. I am humbled at your grace, thankful and patient.” I say this affirmation before meditation sometimes, it serves a more spiritual purpose for me but I would recommend saying affirmations like this for those looking to manifest that energy, especially those practicing spiritualists. Saying this affirmation empowers me in so many ways.

When you believe what you are saying, your words are not only empowering to others but to yourself. I have found that I am becoming a more humble person each day, more patient and understanding of difficult obstacles during unexpected times. I am happy even during times when I shouldn’t be because I have a strong spiritual core built around my belief that the energy I put out manifests into great things.

The more positive you are in life the more  you’re going to attract that energy. I cannot stress this enough. If you are negative all the time and always complaining or tearing others down; not understanding life or trying to when it is taking course, you’re going to attract that energy into your life and into yourself.

In order to receive the things we ask for we need to teach our selves discipline. Humble ourselves and be open minded. Be the things you wish to attract. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

EGO DEATH: Spiritual Awakening #3

I’ve spoken of my spiritual awakening before. Where I came to the realization that the devine source is whatever we want it to be because it is infinite it is everything. It is the now the past and the future. It is existence, however my second awakening was realizing we are the devine source as well. We are more than these bodies we are the soul housed in a body.

Now I am experiencing something else. Loss of self, but it is a natural ego death. I am not taking any psychedelic to achieve it although it would be amazing to experience that but it’s happening on its own. In forms of knowledge that I consistently come across, in dreams, downloads from my spiritual guides. Downloads being like messages that come to my spirit from the devine. I visualize this big blob of something floating in blackness. Out of this blackness is this glowing thing like floating mass of jelly and in that jelly is everything that ever was and is just existing. I don’t really know what to make of it. Sometimes I think its an over load of things I’ve watched on YouTube all clashing together as a bunch of ideas that are now manifesting in my head. Yet something is resting on my spirit confirming what I see to be some form of truth. With this experience im losing the ego I once carried during the wake of my consciousness. I remember thinking I knew more than everyone else. I remember feeling like I was special and saw things in ways others didn’t. I remember feeling pity for anyone who is religious. Now I find myself looking at a mirror asking myself who am I to judge others? We all apart of the water fall that is life. We all are individual streams pouring into one big body of water. We are all looking into one microscope and our visuals are all different. Our perspectives and personal experiences are all different. The source providing these experiences is not.


I remember reading of others spiritual awakenings. I always wondered what it was like. I envisioned something like having an epiphany. As in one day, just waking up and realizing ones purpose and understanding life, but when it happened to me, it was far from a pleasant experience. It wasn’t as pretty as I thought it would be. Perhaps it was because of the emotional and mental chaos that was taking place. The most beautiful things are birthed in mayhem.

I remember the confusion. I remember the doubt the fear and the negative thoughts I pressed onto myself for years by tbe views of society. I remember being torn away from the comfort zone of my past. Staying somewhere that allowed me to blend in and keep under the radar while avoiding the disconnection from what was supposed to be my spiritual relationship with “God”. Denial. I remember questioning the Divine. “Why am I even at a place of question if I shall not question you?” It had gone far enough.

“And then E Y E woke up” -Tiffany Parker

Reflection, Realization, Clarity and Acceptance became the light at the end of what felt like a living hell in a long dark tunnel.
As my thoughts and feelings about life and spirituality changed, so did my experiences. My thoughts and intentions in life became more of my own. I had been at such a deep state of depression that I realized, “I don’t have to be sad, I don’t have to be angry.” No one tells us how to feel why, or when, we just do. When we do, depending on the energy our intentions put forth into the universe is what comes back to us. Its not what you do its how you do it. I can become swamped with life’s lemons but I can choose to take every lemon and use them as seeds of optimism. Planting a harvest that shall multiply and be fruitful in my favor. Or I can become buried and produce nothing but the weight of negativity.

I realized that god the divine is only going to mean something to me if I build my relationship in a way that is most genuine to what I feel and experience. I realized that reality is subjective, constructed by the influence of the human emotions thoughts and actions. With that came a whole new approach into the spiritual world and the work I began doing on and within myself. Now I help others through sharing my own personal battles that led me here today. Even ones own testimony can help in preparing a process to healing and evolving. Until next time.



There comes a time on our spiritual journey when we are stripped of any since of who we are and in that present moment we are left with nothing but the absolute state of just, BEING.

It is then when we realize the things we judge each other for, the countless souls we hurt for no good reason at all, the murdering amongst our people, destruction of nature and wild life, religious and political wars. All of these things steered completely by EGO. To be stripped of that very thing that drives these destructive ways of humanity, we realize what’s truly important and it isn’t us at all. It is the force that lives within us. That god source, that energy that pulsates through these bloody vessels of ours, it is that state of BEING that makes us fall to our knees and become thankful for the very things that are Divine that we so ignorantly destroy.