Physical and Mental Health Reflects How We Are Taking Care of Our Selves Spiritually

How does our spiritual health effect our bodies and mind?

Our mental and physical health is a reflection of how we care for our spiritual body. In order to maintain a healthy psyche and body, spiritual cleansing as often as possible is very important. Even though the maintenance of each one counteracts each other, its best to keep a balance between the three. It is safe to say that staying fit spiritually will aid in healthy mental state and physical state.

Spiritual Cleansing Makes for Great Mental Cleanse

Meditating is a great way to keep a clear mind and release impurities from the spirit. Although it may not be easy to grasp at first, the shortest of practices will make every bit of difference the more you practice. When I first started meditating it was hard to not think about at least one thing. However I was determined to master it, so I began timing myself. I would meditate every night for 5 minutes and followed the tips of you tubers that insisted, “focusing on your breath” would give anyone practicing something important to focus on and help clear the mind. This is the same method used in meditative yoga. Meditating is a positive habit to pick up in place of other unhealthy habits. It is also the best treatment for those who struggle with depression, anxiety, and other mental barriers.

Exercise: Meditative Yoga is The Best Exercise!

While being spiritually fit is important, you can’t exercise one portion of the body with out exercising another. As I mentioned before balance between the mind, body and, spirit is key to great health. I would say any 30 minute to an hour spent working out is great; but no work out is like yoga. Yoga not only shapes, sculpts and strengthens the body, but also has the same benefits mentally and spiritually. Yoga teaches many lessons through it’s poses that are spiritually enhancing and not only matures but expands the mind and cleanses the soul. Yoga teaches patience and acceptance of the things from within and around us. The poses are not about how well you can do them but accepting where you are as you begin, accepting your imperfections and giving yourself a little push every time you practice. It teaches love of self through the lessons of patience and acceptance which provides a spiritual and mental balance that is maintained more and more throughout consistent practice. What I love about the practice is that it humbles you, there is no room for judgment here or negativity. It is a place of serenity and clean positive vibes. It is one of the most humble and gentle ways to release the negative and obtain the positive!

My Testimony

Two years ago around this time I had fallen to my knees crying. Wondering why life was so dark for me. I had experienced a breakup 7 months prior, and I was depressed and down about where life was taking me. I was damaged emotionally and mentally and my spirit suffered gravely from it. I begin searching for ways to clear my conscience and lift my spirit back to the beauty at had once been had before my first heartbreak. I found that meditation and yoga were two things I had always wanted to master, so I did some research and began practicing.For me it was the start of my spiritual journey, I was learning something new about myself everyday and then suddenly i could feel a shift in my myself. I felt a love for myself for the first time that i had not felt before.My heart was humbled and attitude about the world was changing. My attitude about myself had changed, I felt beautiful inside and out and from that moment on i knew that this was something I needed to share with the world.


I remember reading of others spiritual awakenings. I always wondered what it was like. I envisioned something like having an epiphany. As in one day, just waking up and realizing ones purpose and understanding life, but when it happened to me, it was far from a pleasant experience. It wasn’t as pretty as I thought it would be. Perhaps it was because of the emotional and mental chaos that was taking place. The most beautiful things are birthed in mayhem.

I remember the confusion. I remember the doubt the fear and the negative thoughts I pressed onto myself for years by tbe views of society. I remember being torn away from the comfort zone of my past. Staying somewhere that allowed me to blend in and keep under the radar while avoiding the disconnection from what was supposed to be my spiritual relationship with “God”. Denial. I remember questioning the Divine. “Why am I even at a place of question if I shall not question you?” It had gone far enough.

“And then E Y E woke up” -Tiffany Parker

Reflection, Realization, Clarity and Acceptance became the light at the end of what felt like a living hell in a long dark tunnel.
As my thoughts and feelings about life and spirituality changed, so did my experiences. My thoughts and intentions in life became more of my own. I had been at such a deep state of depression that I realized, “I don’t have to be sad, I don’t have to be angry.” No one tells us how to feel why, or when, we just do. When we do, depending on the energy our intentions put forth into the universe is what comes back to us. Its not what you do its how you do it. I can become swamped with life’s lemons but I can choose to take every lemon and use them as seeds of optimism. Planting a harvest that shall multiply and be fruitful in my favor. Or I can become buried and produce nothing but the weight of negativity.

I realized that god the divine is only going to mean something to me if I build my relationship in a way that is most genuine to what I feel and experience. I realized that reality is subjective, constructed by the influence of the human emotions thoughts and actions. With that came a whole new approach into the spiritual world and the work I began doing on and within myself. Now I help others through sharing my own personal battles that led me here today. Even ones own testimony can help in preparing a process to healing and evolving. Until next time.