EYE|The Awakening my first published work!!

“EYE” is more than just a book of poems and not just my personal journey but a story about losing ones self, finding ones self and in the midst of the chaos finding the light within and seeing the world through a new lens shedding ones self of egotistical thoughts and behaviors and stepping into their higher version of themselves. It’s about being in tune with spirit and learning the the true essence of our being.

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And She Speaks

she speaks a universal language

compassion, hope, creativity.

she speaks the language of love.

in her beauty. In the way that she walks.

She is god.

vibe so strong even the ground she walks on

urges to be closer.

she is a rose in which grew from the hardest of soils.

Nourished by the darkest of waters.

She is stability, she is strength in its purest form.

she is god.

The Lost City

And they sang a song
To fill the voids where pain consumed them
They fell in unison
Unstricken by fear
But let their souls be humbled
And they sang a song
With the perfect tune
Lungs full with the waves of the blue
Exploding in their chests
They still sang
The song of sorrow
Bitter sweet longing for tomorrow
A day they’d never see again
Fallen peacefully unbroken but on broken land
They sang their last breath
As their world around them gave in
The ground crumbling beneath them
Still singing linked hand and hand
Angelic voices unmoved
As everything they knew disappeared
And they sang
They sang of peace for the future
And love into the wind
That would circulate for centuries
And they sang as they ascended into consciousness
They sang proud and unapologetically
They sang to the enemy
In which that had landed them here
Now Fading away
Not permanently but into heaven
They sang and belted out the souls of
starseeds and indigos
And they sat in the stars amongst the universe
Patiently waiting
And they sang
To never forget peace
They sang for the healing of you and me
Centuries before we ever existed
And they sang a song
No they are not lost
But exactly where they belong
In the deep dimensions of space
Where time doesn’t exist
They just BE
And whispers of their inner peace resonate within me
And So I speak their existence into reality
And give birth to their peaceful truth
And They sing thru me
Life to the lost city

Poem By: Tiffany (Melanin Gypsy) Parker